Crafted locally to support your active lifestyle!

Refreshingly delicious… you’ll enjoy drinking it

Authentically healthy… you’ll love sharing it

Socially responsible… you’ll help us give back

Flavor-Infused Electrolyte Water

Refreshingly healthy.

CraftWater Flavored WaterOur Story

I began the journey of creating CraftWater™ 
because I saw need for a great tasting,
no sugar or sweeter, electrolyte water
to help us stay hydrated.

With 3 priorities—I created CraftWater™

  • Refreshingly delicious 
  • Authentically healthy
  • Socially responsible

That’s how CraftWater™ became a reality—and
how I, Dana became a water enthusiast.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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Better For Everyone

While every bottle of CraftWater™ is authentically healthy –
each bottle does much more.

Our Mission Water Projects

A portion of the profit from the sale of CraftWater™ will be invested in water projects in America.

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